Friday, May 8, 2020

Research Paper Cover Sheets

Research Paper Cover SheetsA research paper cover sheet is a quick guide that will list the name and contact information of the author and the academic journal that the research paper will be published in. It also includes contact information for the editor, the peer reviewer, the university or college where the author is a student, or any other institutions or organizations where the author may be employed. Sometimes it is also possible to include links to the author's website or to an external web page, for instance if the author's work is available at another web site. If the author is deceased, then there should be no contact information listed.A research paper cover sheet will normally be used for an author who has not earned his or her degree but whose work is at least somewhat similar to that of someone who has earned a degree, such as a Ph.D. or a M.D. It should not be used to indicate that the author has earned a Ph.D. but is not writing a dissertation or thesis. Also, it sh ould not be used to indicate that the author has earned a Doctorate but is writing a doctoral dissertation or thesis.An author of a research paper cover sheet is usually used to suggest where the author's information is located, for instance in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, or elsewhere. In some cases the cover sheet may be used to refer to other places other than the author's country, such as the United States or Canada. This could be for instance an application for a teaching post, or a post at a university in Scotland. However, the academic journal should always be indicated, even though the cover sheet is used to help the editor or committee at the research institution that the paper will be published in.The contact information must include the author's full name, title, email address, and a telephone number. While this can be a bit difficult to do for the author of a research paper cover sheet, for those with computer skills it is generally pos sible to make the necessary corrections. It may also be possible to use the author's web address, for instance his or her web site address, or his or her personal site, for the contact information.The reason why the author's name and contact information are included in the research paper cover sheet is that it will be necessary to contact the author and get permission from him or her to publish the research paper. This permission must be obtained from the university or college where the author is a student, and this permission must be listed in the research paper cover sheet. In addition, the academic journal should always be indicated. Additionally, the academic journal may require that additional details be provided to them.If the author's work is related to any type of political issues, then the contact information will likely include the author's name, title, year in office, or other political information, or it may contain the author's party affiliation. If the author has serve d in government, military, or a political organization in the past, then this information should be included in the research paper cover sheet.The research paper cover sheet can be very useful to the editor, who will be able to quickly identify which portions of the manuscript are clearly acceptable and which portions need more work. The editor will also be able to examine the manuscript and eliminate or add sections to it based on whether the parts are clear and the sections contain interesting ideas and insights.The research paper cover sheet is a quick overview that will be helpful to the editor and the author, but it is not a substitute for an entire research paper. It is useful as a starting point and as a reminder of information the author and the editor would like to be included in the research paper.

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