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Miscommunication Employment and Carl free essay sample

Carl was supposed to start the applicant’s orientation on June 15. By July 15, the new hires should be in working status. Carl was contacted by Monica on May 15 to ensure he had manuals, training schedule, orientation, policy booklet, drug test, and a series of things handled before the deadline. The day after Memorial Day, Carl went to the office, to make sure all of the paperwork for the new applicants was ready for orientation. When Carl was going through the files, he found things were not what it seemed. A couple of applicants did not complete their applications, nor did they have their transcripts on file. Another problem was applicants were not sent to the mandatory drug testing clinic. Finally the training room where Carl was going to hold is orientation got booked for the same month he was going to hold training for new hires. There are a lot of problems that ABC Inc should be blamed, but Carl is responsible for making sure that all trainees are ready for work. We will write a custom essay sample on Miscommunication: Employment and Carl or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Many of problems should have been avoided. 15 trainees are not ready to go on the next phase of their hiring because of poor planning. This company has some poor communication problems; therefore the hiring process is very sloppy and seems that problems only get fixed when they occur. If even the company itself has poor policies, it does not mean Carl should follow poor standards. Carl should have had a checklist ready in case the any problems would have occurred, he could have fixed the issue. The company’s handbook is its staple. The manual represent rules and values that workers must follow. The orientation manuals were missing pages out of the booklet. Assuming that everything in that manual is important, ABC Inc. cannot afford any pages to be missing. We should look back to see who got hired prior to the discovery of the missing pages, to see who did not receive the information. Another problem is a shortage of orientation manuals. HR is usually overall in charge of this. There is an inventory problem and personnel in charge of keeping inventory. Carl also discovered that applicants did not complete their application. I think both Carl and ABC Inc. should be at fault for this. â€Å"If its never our fault, we cannot take Responsibility for it. If we cannot take Responsibility for it, well always be its victim. † (Bach, R) If we never owe up to our own fault then we can never take reasonability for our actions. One of the biggest problems that occurred was the drug screening process. This could be the biggest problems of the report. This is a mandatory step, which requires all trainees to complete this process before they begins work. If this step is delayed or missed, it puts a stop to all other steps. According to  Yahoo business â€Å"If you have been on a job search recently, you may have noticed that many employers now require that you take a pre-employment drug test. You have to pass the drug test in order to acquire the job that you are seeking. Many people think that this is an unnecessary step for an employer to take. However, the employer doesnt see it the same way. † What are transcripts? According to (Merriam-Webster) â€Å"Definition of  TRANSCRIPT To a written, printed, or typed copy;  especially:  a usually typed copy of dictated or recorded material. † Personal paperwork can be very sensitive material when dealing with your company. Missing transcripts show a lack of securities issues that can lead to problems on both sides. Usually when this happens, the person in charge of that department should have been suspended or fired. These examples show how your company handles its paperwork. The biggest problem is a lack communication. Today we live in a communication based-society. There are a few thing that could have been done different to avoid problems that this company is having. ABC Inc. needs to have all of their information they give and receive from employees stored on an online database. For example: if Carl discovers that the employee manuals have missing pages, he could have downloaded them it from the site. Carl needed to know who completed the application. Online application for trainees to fill out is very useful. He could go online from any computer to check. Any applicant who did not complete the application, could have contacted them on the spot to ensure all applications are filled out correctly. If the company did not feel comfortable with online database, they could go with an assistant that which will handle the processing paperwork. You cannot go wrong if you hire somebody to do a specific job, rather than stack everything on Carl’s plate. A pre-employment drug screening is a big problem because it is importance to have drug free employee. There are two ways to approach this problem. First you can do in-house drug testing. This is fastest and easiest way to get results and know if applicants took the drug screening right on the spot Another way you can get your drug pre-screening for employees is outsourcing at a local clinic. This method is a little more pricy but the testing process handled by professionals. Both methods cannot work if you do not communicate with both parties. Carl discovered that a coworker is occupying the training room the same time he needed to train the new applicants during the orientation. There are a few solutions for this problem. One way is to use local hotel conference rooms. You can reserve a room with only a three day notice in advance. Another method similar to the solution is the website www. regus. com. Regus is a company that has over 4,500 meeting rooms across 600 cities in 100 countries so you can meet your customers in a convenient location. According to Regus. com. This is the best bet when you need a meeting place set up in a small amount of time. It is very important that there is an area where Carl can train new employees. Making sure that they get the right information before they go out to the work force. Carl not have a training room was very important and needed to be addressed. After doing some research I have choose the website www. regus. com. They have the most ready available areas in the world There was one main reason I have chosen to go with Regus over just a local hotel conference room. Once you get the conference room from the hotel, you still have to worry about the materials in the room like Wi-Fi, whiteboard, etc†¦ Regus provides all of amenities with their conference rooms. † This is the perfect solution to any last-minute setup needed. Every problem that Carl had was due to a lack of communication. Once he realized what was wrong, he was stuck trying to fix the problems. I suggest getting an assistant to keep Carl informed once something went wrong. This is also a HR problem, so Carl should have called HR to handle some of these problems. ABC Inc. needs work organization, communications, and more personnel in the HR department. ABC’s is unorganized with their hiring process. Certain steps should be taken to clean that department up and eliminate a lot of confusion on both ends. Maybe have somebody to come in and revamp the whole system would be a good suggestion. The next time there is a lack of communication between Carl and Abc Inc. Carl will have backup a plan. The good thing is that Carl can learn for this experience and move on. This might be a wake call for Carl. ABC Inc might not be the company Carl would like to work for after this. But for Carl, this is a lesson learned and hopefully he will his this in the future to make better descisions. Appendix Appendix A Here are some facts and steps to set up in-house drug testing according to www. usscreeningsource. com â€Å"Developing your own in house drug testing program can save approximately 50% off your current lab fees! 1. Prepare a written substance abuse policy Train your supervisors Educate your employees Consider providing an Employee Assistance Program 2. Implement a drug-testing program 3. Educate your employees â€Å" Appendix A Here is a couple of things www. regus. com company offers. â€Å"You can arrange our meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions – pick a layout that fits your meeting: * Boardroom –   ideal for formal meetings * Cabaret – great for collaborative working * Theatre – for professional presentations * Classroom – a comfortable education environment   * U-shape – enables and encourages open discussion Or choose from standard meeting rooms, relaxed but confidential interview rooms or video communication suites. All meeting rooms are served by a dedicated support team and include: * FREE  Internet * FREE  Flipchart, whiteboard and markers * FREE  Water * FREE  Pads Plus telephone with speakerphone function, catering services available and use of an LCD projector and screen if required. † References 1. Richard Bach. (n. d. ). BrainyQuote. com. 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