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Question: Discuss about theWalmart as Food Processing Industry for IT. Answer: Introduction The technology of Walmart is based on the introduction of new processes with the check on how the safety measures are mapped with the reduced cost and time. The computerised system control is set with producing the food product that is set for archiving a better goal. The food processing is based on involving the activities like liquefaction, and cooking that includes the toxin removal and the preservation for the better marketing. The use of the IT for Walmart input demands is based on working over the reduced inventories of the agricultural and processed foods. The measures are for the IT use which is greater when there is a greater capital investments which are set for the IT production processes. The Green Revolution is based on the production, processing, distribution and retail that happen to set the strategy with the selection of the multinationals. The approach is based on the innovation which tends to be consolidated and designed to maximise the shareholder interests. The ch eck is on the technology is for leveraging information where one can industrial and sustainable. (Aggarwal, 2014). The sustainable food for Walmart advocates believe the technology is for the diversified forms with scalability to hold the and work on the solutions to the problems. The technology is for the encompassing of the biotechnology, hardware and the information technology. The production operations are based on the consolidation with scaling the industry with entering the marketplace. The misconceptions are that the industry works on the choice between the technological and the traditional agricultural solutions Importance of IT The information technology for Walmart is based on the organisation development with the business to make sure that the business is able to maintain the system for heling in easy growth. The communication is for the different number of organisations where email is important for the different stakeholders. The check is on the tools with the evolvement through the meeting of the tools along with handling the video-conferencing system. (Babu et al., 2015). The management of the inventory for Walmart is based on handling the companies with maintenance of the stocks to meet the demands to work on meeting the investments. The inventory management is for the tracking and keeping a check on how to trigger the changes with the quantity maintenance for the pre-determined amount. The management of the data is for the company that tend to involve the storage of the digital versions with documenting the orders to process the fast and the accurate data. The documents are related to handle the standards without any limitation of the geographical location. The companies are able to store and maintain the data in a proper manner, where the customer relationship management also tend to make use of the IT for Walmart to improvise the methods with interactions to the customer. Importance of IT in Food The information technology for Walmart is based on the support with interconnection that is set to effectively handle the business processes. (Badia et al., 2016). The check is on how the dimensions are able to work over the information systems along with utilising the links and support for the operational processes. The line of the business system with processing for Walmart that allow the department of organisation in a well-integrated form with proper solutions and applications. The food assistance is based on the different options like the support where the finance is set for the administrative activities and logistics. The solutions are supported through monitoring the food or assessing it, with proper distribution and management of different kinds. The technology for Walmart is based on providing a proper platform with the knowledge standards to share and collaborate the functions. The communication is based on the shareholders which involve the procedures and the technologies with better productivity tools, where the aim is to create and encourage the culture through building the communities and working on the geographic guidelines. (Ijumba et al., 2015). The solutions are set with processing and handling the approach of susceptibility for Walmart where one can easily reduce the food borne disease. The extreme factors are set with food processing with transportation of the exotic foods, where the elimination is found to be hard with wide variety of food to the ancestors. The individual production and checking the content replication is messing the tools, where the automation processes are set with the technology change in a proper collaborative behaviour. The rising energy costs are for handling the usage of energy with saving the technologies that are based on heat insulation of factory buildings. The factory automation is mainly to reduce the personnel costs and lead to a stabilised production. IT Discipline in Food Processing The food processing is for development with the physics that include the effective food processing that provides the proper guidelines for the safety of the food in Walmart. The control is about the unwanted polluted particle. (Perez et al., 2016). The inspections are for the computerised control and record keeping to the food process with adequate handling of the conversions from the manual to the computerised processing. The investigation is about the programming the system where the functions are related to the operator control functions. The documentation for Walmart is depending upon the computer system technology is with the relays and the sensing of the switching with the range from the single loop controller to complex higher end computer systems. The nutrition value is important for the body where the IT is able to include the sustainable food industry scale in a way that is able to preserve the industry integrity. The challenge is about the addressing of the technology with industry fragmentation that offers the sustainable food. The events are related to the computerised systems during the operations set to control the food establishment. The processing of the food affect for Walmart the nutritional density where the loss is depending upon the food and processing methods. The research is based on the highlighting of the human health of the rich environment that indicates the use of the food additives which is another important safety concern. (Saleh et al, 2016). The computer science applications are set with analysis of the data and working over the applying of process control methods. The subject is based on rice or fruit juices that tend to increase the beta-carotene content in the food. Risks Involved There are risks related to the denial of the service data and the attack with the issues related to the personal and the financial levels. The personal data is easily hacked by the hacker where the damage in business works on covering the information that is related to the breach of the services and the expenses. It includes the identity restoration and the analysis of the forensic standards with better costs of the notifications. There are other legal services and the sectors related to the public relations. It is important to focus on the technology tools and documents that check on how to train the staff with related safety of the data. The focus should be on the encryption and setup of the firewall so that there is no breach of any data. The food processing for Walmart is based on utilising the larger mixture with production that is based on handling the industrial metal detectors. The utilisation is for the reduced damage to process and analyse the risks to the consumer health. (Wills, 2016). The minimisation of the waste, labour used and the measure is to improve the energy efficiency along with working for Walmart over the different contexts of the holding vessel. The improved effectiveness is based on the product quality along with measuring the raw materials that needs to be decreased, which lower the manufacturing the costs and increased shelf life. The increased life of the shelf is to maintain the emulsion with adding the food stabiliser. The trends are depending on the clean forms which keeps the anti-virus and the anti-malware software up to date. The steps are important for the increased possibility with the long term success of the organisation. IT Maintenance The front-end services for Walmart are depending upon the technologies that could easily be handled through the customers with the software, communication system and the hardware. The middleware services are based on understanding the technology with the help in supporting the tools where the customer can use different IT solutions with the different forms of the technologies. This is based on the maintenance of database, with the mail system that tend to make up the application platform. The infrastructure standards are set for the basic server with operating system or telecommunication that will help lead to the ad front end services with adapting the technology. The processes are based on customisation along with handling the standards of the processes with the current technologies that is set to put the new type of technologies. The food processing is based on the mechanical processes that is able to use the large mix, with the use of the packaging. The consistency is depending u pon the specific levels for the use in food products. The approved additives are set with simplified communication that includes the utilisation of the industrial metal detectors. (Perez et al., 2016). The performance is based on the large food processors with utilisation of the metal detectors with processing the stream along with reducing the damage to process the machinery with the risks to consumer health. Conclusion The forms are set with the information technology for Walmart where the major impact is on handling the benchmark input and output that is set under the information technology. IT works on the technology with the different kinds of the business that impact the support of the final demands with check on creating a profitable standard for the food industry. (Ijumba et al., 2015). The right tools are checked on the dedication of the team with the highly service oriented standards that work on the places with freshness of raw material. Reference Aggarwal, A., 2014. Promoting Food Processing Through Food Parks and Food Processing Special Economic Zones: The Indian Experience.Innovative Institutions, Public Policies and Private Strategies for Agro-Enterprise Development, p.189. Babu, C.S., Sette, C. and Davis, K., 2015. Private Technical Assistance Approaches in Brazil: The Case of Food Processing Company Rio de Una.Knowledge Driven Development: Private Extension and Global Lessons, p.105. Badia-Melis, R. and Ruiz-Garcia, L., 2016. Real-Time Tracking and Remote Monitoring in Food Traceability.Advances in Food Traceability Techniques and Technologies: Improving Quality Throughout the Food Chain, p.209. Ijumba, C., Snyder, J., Tschirley, D. and Reardon, T., 2015. Stages of Transformation in Food Processing and Marketing: Results of an Initial Inventory of Processed Food Products in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Mwanza.Tanzania Policy Research Brief. Perez, J.R. and Dodge, T.J., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2016.Palatability enhancer with added aroma for application to pet food products. U.S. Patent Application 15/133,427. Saleh, Z.M. and Roslin, R.M., 2016. Enhancing business performance through supply chain integration strategy of food processing industry in Malaysia: A conceptual paper. InProceedings of the 1st AAGBS International Conference on Business Management 2014 (AiCoBM 2014)(pp. 319-329). Springer Singapore. Wills, B., 2016.Purposely Profitable: Embedding Sustainability Into the DNA of Food Processing and Other Businesses. John Wiley Sons.

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